Care instructions

Serra's cushion covers can be washed using a gentle machine wash on low heat. The inner pillow, however, cannot be washed. Please take it out before washing the cover. Select a low spin speed or use the hand wash program on your washing machine and wash on a maximum heat of 30°C degrees. Close the zipper when washing and ironing. Gentle iron at low heat of no more than 130 degrees. Do not tumble dry but let the cover dry flat. The color of linen may fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. All cushions are made exclusively from natural fibers, so treat them with love.

Inner pillow

Each cushion comes with an inner pillow of 100% recycled down and feathers.We have chosen natural products because of their look, feel and sustainability. We find it highly important that all products are made in the most responsible way. Even though our supplier is certified, we have chosen to only work with recycled down and feathers. The down and feathers have been washed, steamed, and dedusted and come in a closed cotton bag.Our inner pillows are sustainable and hypoallergenic. If treated correctly, you can enjoy your pillow for years. Water and moisture do not get along with feathers or down, therefore you cannot wash the inner pillow. If your pillow does get wet, please dry the inner pillow immediately. In contrast to the pillow cover, you may use a tumble dryer. Shake the pillow regularly so that it will keep its form. If you prefer not to use animal products, we completely understand. Please contact us at