Sabato Knokke Special

June 24, 2023

The Italian vibe

You might have noticed that you won't find a lot of muted tones in our collection. At Serra, we go for fun, laughter, and pleasure. Our colors are sun-kissed memories of the French and Italian beach scene of the late 1980s. The iconic beds and umbrellas alongside the coastline, were more than a place to relax. They reflected a carefree spirit and embodied the desire to live life to the fullest. The bold and exuberant designs were a symbol of the energy and unadulterated joy that was typical for that decade. Serra lets you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sun, sea and joy. A reminder of a time when the beaches came alive with color, where anything seemed possible and the world seemed a little brighter.

The Biggest Splash

In this year’s Knokke Special of Sabato Magazine, stylist Sophie Pillen combined some of our items with the most beautiful must-haves for this summer. Find our striped beach towels, Lido and Pepe, and bright cushions alongside bags and accessories of brands such as Hermes, Lanvin, Delvaux, Louis Vuitton, Eres, Isabel Marant, Fendi and Maryam Nassir Zadeh … A revival of this bygone era? Let yourself be inspired by instant happiness for an endless summer.

Pictures by Burp Photography